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শহরের পরিচিতি শহর বাসি থেকে . সেখানে বসবাসকারী মানুষের প্রতিদিন কিছু না কিছু খোঁজ এর প্রয়োজন হয় . তার জন্যে তাকে হণ্যে হয় ঘুরতে হয় আর না হলে বাধ্য হয়ে যাকে খুঁজে পান তাকে দিয়েই কাজ মেটান . কিন্তু ইছাপুর এবার থেকে সেটা আর হবে না . এখন থেকে আপনার কাছে থাকলো অনেক পছন্দ . কথা বলে তারপর বাছুন আর নিজের কাজ ভালো ভাবে মেটান . একটি পোর্টাল ইছাপুর শহর বাসীদের জন্যে.

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Few Basic Information about Ichapur

Ichapore or Ichapur or Ichhapur is a locality in North Barrackpore Municipality of North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA).

State - West Bengal.

District - North 24 Pgs.

Post Office - Nawabganj.

Police Station - Noapara.

Pin - 743144.

Sub Division - Barrackpore I.

Government Type - Municipality.

Government Body - North Barrackpore Municiaplity.

Lok Sabha Constituency - Barrackpore.

Vidhan Sabha Constituency - Noapara.

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"যদি সত্যিই মন থেকে কিছু করতে চাও তাহলে পথ পাবে; আর যদি না চাও তাহলে অজুহাত পাবে।".....স্বামী বিবেকানন্দ



City Services

Education/ School/ Teachers
Medical/ Business/ Transport
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During Emergency most important thing is to get a ambulance. Now it will be helpful for you to find a Ambulance nearby you. Just click below and find out contacts.


Doctor's Chambers/ Dispensary

Find Your Near By Specialist Doctor/ Medicine Store

This is tough for citizen to find out a doctor when required. To make it simple We provide you schedule of various doctors with their availability and contacts of various dispensary for medicine home delivery and queries.


Are You Looking for Private Tuition or Teacher?

Finding out a dedicated teacher for any particular subject or course is very difficult. Now you have various choices. Select from it and give a bright future to your kids.

Image by Taylor Wilcox
Image by Peter Bond

Grocery Home Delivery

Are Looking for Grocery Home Delivery

Here you can find contacts of available grocery stores those who deliver at your door step.


A Large Number of Dishes Waiting for You

Bengali are food loving people. We always explore various cousins. If you want to explore your city then it will help you to find a nearby restaurant for you.

Image by Pille R. Priske
Cars on the Road

Transport Hiring

Are You Looking for a Car or Auto or Toto?

In our everyday life we need various transports from one place to another. Sometimes we need transport for emergency. For lack of choice we paid more than actual fare. Now its easy for you to find a local transport.


AC, Fridge, TV, Guizer, Washing Machine Etcs. Repair

In everyday life we need to face difficulties when a daily use equipment suddenly became defective. This part will help you find a technician near you. If you knew someone then please inform us.

Technician Repairing Air Conditioner
Image by Pablo Lancaster Jones

Catering/ Decoration/ Event Manager

Make Your Special Day Memorable

During any Special Event You required professional persons to make the event memorable. This section will give you wing to choose.

Home Delivery (Food)

Are Looking for Everyday Meal?

Everyday many people looking for Good Food for their meals. Here you can find list of people in Ichapore who can deliver good food in your door steps.

Image by Lior Shapira
Helping Hands

Non Government Organisation (NGO)

Are You in Emergency?

If in any emergency people always didn't understand whom to call. In this you can easily find help near you. Just save their numbers.

Contractor/ Engineering Works/ রাজ মিস্ত্রী

Are You Looking for Someone for Your Dream Home?

For everyday construction work we need someone who are specialist in this type of job. Here you get various contacts just talk and choose as per your requirements.

Construction Work

Aya Service

Are You Searching for Aya?

 This section will help you by providing various contacts of Aya Centers and Ayas.

Plumber/ কল মিস্ত্রী

Are You Looking for Plumber?

In this section You will get information about Plumbers.

Plumber at Work
Carpenter at Work

Carpenter/ কাঠের মিস্ত্রী

Are Looking for any Carpenter?

In this section you will find contact of persons who are engaged with this profession.


Are looking for an Electrician?

It is always recommended a good electrician for your home because its a safety issue. Here you can find a best one.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Finance Experts

Loan/ Investment/ Share Market Etcs

If your are looking for an investment or planning to take a loan or searching for  share market professional then this section for you.

Home Made Desserts

Cake/ Cookie/ Chocolates Etcs

If You are a Desserts lover and trying to taste something different then its for You. Find out some available home made items as well as door step delivery near you

Dessert Tray
Tourist Place

Tours & Travel

Plan Your Tour with an Expert

If Your are planning a Tour or Family Vacation then this section will help you to plan your journey by giving information about an expert.

Fashion Hub

Clothing Items

If You are looking for Ready made Item like Boutique Saree, Kurti, Nighty, House Coat then this section will help you to get it delivered in your door steps.

Summer Dresses

Music-Art-Dance Teacher

Are You Looking for a Teacher for Music/ Dance/ Art?

If you are looking for Teacher for Various Music Instrument/ Singing/ Dance/ Art then this section will help you to find one.

Practicing Guitar

House Priest/ পুরোহিত

Are You Looking for Brahmin?

If you are looking for Brahmin or House Priest for Various Music Instrument then this section will help you to find one.

Fish/ Egg/ Chicken/ Mutton Home Delivery

If You are Looking for Fresh Fish/ Egg/ Chicken/ Mutton Home Delivery then this section definitely help You. It will definitely save your time. Check Now and Order.

Raw Fish
Dog Friends

Dog Creche

Available Dog Cheche in Ichapore. Check Now.

Photography/ Videography

If you are looking for a photographer or videographer to capture your special moments then its for you



If you are looking for a Professional Astrologer then this for You.
Astrology Dice
Beauty Salon

Makeup Artist-Beautician-Salon

If You are Looking for Professional Makeup Artist or Beautician or Salon Services then Its for You


Are You Looking for Computer/ CCTV Sales/ Service/ Repair of Professional DTP Operator?
Fixing a Computer
Image by Werzk Luuuuuuu

Veterinary Clinic

If You are worried about your Pet, then its' for You

Mobile Sales & Service

If you are Looking for a professional person to take of your mobile then this section will help you

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Jess Bailey

Gift Shop

If You are looking for a Gift for special occasion then its' for you.

Image by Eric Prouzet

Local Jobs

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All India Job News

Central, State Govt and PSU's Latest Reqruitments

The first step to get any is Job News. In this serction you will find latest official job news of India. A every day 5 minutes Job news can change your life forever.

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Ichapore, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal


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